Benefits of Desert Parsley

What is Desert Parsley?

Desert parsley is a group of plants. The most commonly used type of desert parsley is Lomatium dissectum (fernleaf biscuitroot). The roots of this plant are used to make medicine.

Desert parsley is taken by mouth for asthma, colds, coughflu, lung injuries, pneumoniatuberculosis, and viral infections.

Desert parsley is applied as a dressing to treat sores, cutsboilsbruisessprains, and broken bones. Powdered root of desert parsley is applied to the skin to treat burnsboils, and other skin wounds. Desert parsley is added to steam baths to treat joint problems, sprains, pain, and pneumonia.

Some types of desert parsley are eaten as food.

Insufficient Evidence to Rate Effectiveness for…

More evidence is needed to rate desert parsley for these uses.

How does Desert Parsley work?

Desert parsley might help eliminate different types of bacteria, fungi, or viruses that can cause infections. Read More

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